Lamb Dishes






Quick fried lamb with spring onions £9.95 £7.95
Lamb satay £9.95 £7.95
Lamb with green pepper in black bean sauce £10.50 £8.40
Lamb in hot spicy szechuan style £9.50 £7.95
Lamb with cashewnut in hoisin sauce £10.50 £8.40

Stir fried lamb with garlic, ground white 

pepper & coriander

£10.50 £8.40
Stir fried lamb with fresh chilli & thai basil leaves £10.50 £8.40
Thai red curry lamb in coconut milk £10.50 £8.40
Thai green curry lamb in coconut milk £10.50 £8.40

Dry Aromatic lamb curry with coconut milk 

and lime leaves

£10.50 £8.40

Stir fried lamb with vegetables

thai herb, lime leaf and basil in red curry paste

£10.50 £8.40

Spicy hot jungle lamb curry with

Thai herbs and vegetables

£10.50 £8.40
Lamb curry chinese style £9.50 £7.95

All pictures shown are for Ilustration purpose only