Seasonal Dating Disorder “Exploiting” Plus-Size Women- WooPlus Study Discloses Bitter Reality

Seasonal Dating Disorder “Exploiting” Plus-Size Women- WooPlus Study Reveals Bitter Facts

WooPlus study has revealed the way the pattern of Seasonal Dating Disorder is materializing plus-size ladies and leaving them with broken minds and smashed fantasies.

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has now increased really serious issues about new development of Seasonal Dating Disorder (SDD). Also, this article will discuss this example’s damaging impacts on plus-size women.

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

The Definition of SDD

Regular Dating Disorder refers to the exercise of starting a unique romantic relationship in the autumn months & winter season, only to end it in spring season or summertime. Based on psychologists and sociologists, SDD carries an age-old connection with the body and hormone system. Cold temperature triggers an upswing of melatonin hormones in the brain. Increased melatonin produces a sluggish experience and folks prefer to snuggle yourself merely, wrapped in the warmth of a lover. But, as spring sets in and also the cool start to fade, these exact same men and women don’t think two times to dump their lovers for a breezy singlehood.

The Change in WooPlus

WooPlus has now experienced a remarkable 30per cent boost in the subscriptions of male users aided by the onset of November. It influenced the main plus-size dating website to perform a study of its consumers. The research revealed that female customers generally have more admirers within the cold period when compared to additional times of the season.


claims that increase in the number of male people plus “Likes” on female users’ profiles especially in the wintertime- are directly regarding Seasonal Dating Disorder fashions.

The results of SDD

According to the survey, huge plump ladies can satiate the cuddling needs of men in cold period. Big ladies possess inborn capacity to spread heat. So, guys yearn with their comfy comfortable presence around them once the temperature takes a dip.

“SDD developments tend to be continually exploiting plus-size ladies. We have seen the devastating negative effects of this insensible trend on our female people that is certainly a shame”, reported Michelle Li, the co-founder of WooPlus.

Ashly is one such WooPlus member that has been the target of SDD. an obviously loving guy approach her and every little thing was very mushy-mushy among them at first. But as summertime contacted, his love dried out as well as the guy remaining this lady and moved forward.

As fair that is taken place quite a bit, as soon as the cold weather is finished they reveal genuine face and believe me there is nothing a lot more difficult compared to the sense of acquiring conned,”

Ashly attested.

Brianna, another WooPlus member, had an equally aggravating experience as Ashly.

“I saw it men arriving at their senses in autumn winter, spring, but dropping their particular thoughts in summer”,

mentioned Brianna


“What takes place with chubby females is that males typically don’t comprehend their correct internal beauty. Men are not able to fathom there is even more to these large beautiful women than their particular simple dimensions. This is why, plus-size ladies don’t receive much attention once we see with thin and trim females. Now, whenever stung by SDD kick, guys begin to address all of them in winter, they mistake these propositions as true-love. These simple loving ladies think their own spouse will maintain them equally they did. Unfortuitously, they be the victims of SDD hurry.”

But Li assures towards high-tech projects taken by


to cut back the SDD victimization of their plus-size feminine people.

“we’ve implemented AI technologies & huge data to add an extra layer of protection against SDD with the intention that the female people can satisfy their own real loving lovers through our software.”